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There were angels dining at the Ritz

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Name:Jack Harkness
Birthdate:Jan 31
Location:Cardiff, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
IC Info
My name is Jack Harkness. At one time, I was a Group Captain in the RAF. On January 21, 1941, I went on what was meant to be a routine training mission with my men. We were attacked. I managed to take down three of the enemy, to get my men clear, before my plane caught on fire. I was certain it was the end. Then the sky opened up, like a rift in the air itself, and I was here. No plane. No fire. No men. No war. Just me, in Cardiff, still, out of place, and, apparently, out of time.

I guess it's better than the alternative.
Captain Jack Harkness was an American serving as an RAF Group Captain with the 133rd Squadron, stationed in Cardiff, Wales in January of 1941. An honorable man, with an intense loyalty and sense of duty to his men, he was torn on a personal level. While dating a local young woman, Nancy Floyd, she was merely a cover, a way for him to try and blend in and deny his then socially unacceptable homosexuality. On the night of January 20, 1941, he was at a Cardiff nightclub called the Ritz when two strangers arrived--a man who introduced himself as Captain James Harper, and his companion Toshiko Sato.

What Jack didn't know and never learned, was that "James" was from the future, and that years ago in "James'" past, when he'd been stranded in time and needed an alias, he'd adopted Jack's name and identity after Jack died--the next day. Knowing what Jack's fate was to be, "James" encouraged Jack to make that night the best of his life, trying to get him to go after Nancy when she left, but Jack knew she wasn't what he wanted. The two men talked, sharing stories of loss, and Jack finally got up the courage to lead "James" on to the dance floor in front of all of his men, dancing with him, giving in to that side of himself he'd denied for so long. The rift that had sent Toshiko and future Jack back in time opened, and they had to leave, but before he left Jack there, the two men shared a passionate kiss.

On January 21, 1941, Captain Harkness' squadron was attacked while on a routine mission. He managed to take out three of the enemy, and his men heard his shouts of triumph, before the radio went silent. His plane had been hit, caught on fire, and there was no time for him to bail out. Official records say that he went missing.
Heart & Minds Specific Info
Canon Point from which Jack enters village: As he's celebrating taking down the enemy planes, just as his plane is then hit, but before the fire gets to him, so he's not arriving injured, just aware he's been hit and confused as to why he's NOT in a burning plane.

Physical Description: About 6', dark brown hair, blue-green eyes. Clean cut, military boy, always clean shaven. From the 1940s and even with other clothes available to him,will probably still prefer his era of dress.

Contact: You can reach Jack's voicemail here or PM or email the mun with any plot ideas, comments or concerns.
Disclaimer/OOC Notes
Disclaimer: Captain Jack Harkness is a fictional character from the TV show Torchwood and as such is the sole property of his creators and the show's producers. I am neither him, nor Matt Rippy. This journal is solely for RP and entertainment purposes. No infringement is intended and no profit is being made. Mun and Muse are both over 18--this journal may contain adult content, if you're not--stay away. :-)
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